Amos Professional


  • LEAVE IN HAIR TREATMENT VS HAIR CONDITIONER Conditioners are only meant for use on hair strands and need to be washed off. Whereas hair treatments should ideally be applied from root to tip (while avoiding the scalp). The True Repair Night Cream is leave in treatment can be used just like a hair essence
  • NO WASH TREATMENT WITH FLORAL FRAGRANCE no need to wash off, experience deep nourishing hair care while sleeping. Just apply it lightly at night for a smooth hair next day
  • NIGHT HAIR CARE for damaged hair. Nutrition sleeping cream that gives softness and shine to dry hair. Moisturizing night cream will balance the oil and water
  • NON-STICKY & LIGHT FINISH a fresh and absorbent cream formula that smoothly coats the cuticle at the same time, it gives fresh finish that does not stain bedding and free from stickiness

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