Amos Professional


  • HAIR PACK VS HAIR CONDITIONER. Conditioners are only meant for use on hair strands. Whereas hair masks should ideally be applied from root to tip. The Green Tea Pack is the second step for a hair care routine. You can use it every day instead of hair conditioner
  • SILICONE-OIL-FREE FORMULA with nourishing effect for hair and scalp that has been weakened by stress and unhealthy environment, with long-lasting, refreshing yet clean greenery fresh scent for relaxation that lasts all day long
  • ANTI HAIR LOSS HAIR CARE AND TREATMENT: The green tea from clean Jeju island fields’ contains amount of amino acids that are the building block of proteins and necessary for hair growth. Not only does it facilitate healthy hair growth, but they also help in stimulating new hair growth
  • WHITE LEAF GREEN TEA (also known as white matcha), which features 3 times the amount of amino acid than normal varieties, that also helps you to provide hair with moisture and strength, as well as preventing baldness and hair-loss, boosting your confidence in style

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