• WHAT IS ProBiome? The fruit of derma research, the patented probiotics of ProBiomeTM, fixes the lost balance and creates a fertile environment for scalp
  • ROOTS DOUBLE EFFECT : The double care of strengthening and protecting the hair roots, the basic solution of managing hair loss, fortifies weakened hair(green tea extract as the main functional ingredient)
  • SCALP BARRIER becomes stronger so that the scalp stays balanced against external irritation(A benefit of black soybean extract)
  • SEBUM BALANCE CARE : This squeaky-clean shampoo with a brisk, cooling sensation addresses oily scalp problems (excess sebum and oiliness) and presents a refreshing finish after cleansing
  • TEXTURE & FRAGRANCE : The refreshing translucent formula with a light brown color produces a dense foam. The green citrus blended with pine needles fragrance feels refreshing as if walking through the woods. Its relaxing richness creates pleasant cleansing environment

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