• WHAT IS ProBiome? It's the end result of 'derma' research. The patented probiotics, ProBiomeTM. It will mend the imbalanced nutirition and create a fertile environment for your scalp
  • SCALP BARRIER becomes stronger with a benefit of extracted black soybean and protect your scalp balance from external irritation
  • THE FORMULA WITH ADDED BIOTIN helps strengthening your scalp barrier to nourish and reinforce weakened hair. Contains a patented ingredient which volumize your hair
  • OIL-WATER BALANCE : Hwanghae artemisia leaf extract provides an oil-moisture balancing effect and moisturizes the scalp to relieve it from flakiness and itchinesse solely of essential ingredients. No animal ingredients, mineral oil and silicon oil etc.
  • TEXTURE & FRAGRANCE OF GREEN HERBAL FLORAL : Clear brown liquid formula penetrates the scalp for a clean and refreshing finish. The fresh sweet green citrus combined with pine needle doubles the briskness and offers a relaxing and refreshing experience like walking in the woods

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