• WHAT IS ProBiome? It's the end result of 'derma' research. The patented probiotics, ProBiomeTM. It will mend the imbalanced nutirition and create a fertile environment for your scalp
  • SCALP BARRIER becomes stronger with a benefit of extracted black soybean and protects your scalp balance from external irritationrnal irritation
  • FORMULA WITH PLANT-BASED PROTEIN nourishes the hair to help improve its elasticity and smoothness. The formula also contains a patented ingredient with volumizing effect
  • CALMING & MOISTURIZING EFFECT from panthenol and a gentle cooling sensation will vitalize and soothe the scalp. 5-free formula made only with essential ingredients. No animal ingredients, mineral oil and silicon oil etc
  • TEXTURE & FRAGRANCE OF GREEN HERBAL FLORAL : Rich and Nourishing beige-colored cream takes care of both scalp and hair at the same time. The green citrus blended with pine needle fragrance will make you feel refreshing just like walking through the woods. Its relaxing richness creates a pleasant cleansing environment

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