• KEY TO INTENSIVE DAMAGE CARE, the synergetic nourishing effect from a bonding technology, using a patented ingredient for hair damage repair, and Vita Complex provides rich nutrients and vitality to distressed hair
  • RICH NUTRITION FORMULA : The nice, thick formula created using the patent-applied lipid mimic composition offers an intensive nourishing effect and a rich softness
  • AFTER DRY : The formula containing a 5-ingredient fruit mix extract and 4 different seed oils for boosting softness and shine keeps the hair healthy even after blow drying
  • 7-FREE FORMULA made solely of essential ingredients. No animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacryl amide, PEG surfactant, silicone oil etc.
  • TEXTURE & ENRICH HERBAL CITRUS FRAGRANCE : The thick and rich yellow formula features excellent adherence to the hair with even spread. The harmony from the vibrant, sweet and sour citrus notes with the weighty herbal & woody notes offers a sense of lively energy

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