• KEY TO INTENSIVE DAMAGE CARE, the synergetic nourishing effect from a bonding technology, using a patented ingredient for hair damage repair, and Vita Complex provides rich nutrients and vitality to distressed hair
  • PROTECT HAIR FROM HEAT! Hair bonding technology with a verified heat protection effect and a patented ingredient for the prevention of heat damage are used to help protect the hair
  • DAILY HAIR CARE : This leave-on product can be used whenever needed including before and after blow drying as a daily hair care routine to maintain the softness and shine
  • 7-FREE FORMULA made solely of essential ingredients. No animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacryl amide, synthetic pigment etc.
  • TEXTURE & ENRICH HERBAL CITRUS FRAGRANCE : The yellow cream with high spreadability penetrates the hair softly without clumping or rubbing off. Free of synthetic pigment. The harmony from the vibrant, sweet and sour citrus notes with the weighty herbal & woody notes offers a sense of lively energy

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