• COLOR PROTECTION FORMULA : The pH-balanced and patented formula that minimizes the discoloration in the cleansing process and helps retain the color after dyeing for 14days
  • LUMINOUS SMOOTHING & NOURISHING : Enhancing silky system, designed to tame the cuticles and nourish the hair, keeps the hair feeling soft with a vivid color after dyeing
  • SOOTHING & MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO : The formula containing artemisia argyi leaf water helps moisturize the scalp and hair after dyeing
  • 8-FREE FORMULA : Solely made of essential ingredients. No animal ingredients, sulfate surfactant, mineral oil, silicon oil etc.
  • TEXTURE & FRAGRANCE : The viscous formula contatining fine pearly particles produces a soft lather for a gentle cleansing experience. The lively and fresh fruit citrus note harmonized with the profound herbal floral note feels elegant with an unexpected twist

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