• WHAT IS CHAMOSSOSIDE? It’s a formula containing the powerful cica ingredient, Chamossoside, that provides hydration that will soothe the scalp by strengthen the moisturizing barrier
  • DEEP SOOTHING CARE : The formula with 50.9% chamomile flower extract provides deep and rich moisturizing and cool soothing effects
  • VEGAN HAIR SERUM : 8-free formula made only with essential ingredients. No animal ingredients, mineral oil, polyacryl amide, sulfate surfactant, silicone oil etc.
  • CLEAN FINISH : The fast scalp penetration with a clean, refreshing finish allows this product to be used at any time of the day when needed
  • TEXTURE & FRAGRANCE : Clear refreshing liquid formula enters the scalp giving clean and dewy feeling when finished. The scent of relaxation from delicate floral notes matched with cooling herbs offers comfort and stability

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