• NATURAL RIDGE-WAVE : The formula contains ingredients that help improve the hair's elasticity and tensile strength for natural, vibrant ridges. The hair enjoys a healthy bounce and a powerful curl-fixing effect
  • PROTECT HAIR FROM HEAT! The patented ingredient for preventing heat-induced damage protects the hair and allows the freedom to use various heat-based styling tools
  • EASY WAY TO STYLE WAVY HAIR : The formula creates a stand-out hairstyle with Airy Veil Complex designed to moisturize and soften wavy hair prone to frizziness and offers a long-lasting gloss
  • 5-FREE FORMULA : Solely made of essential ingredients. No mineral oil, polyacryl amide, synthetic pigment etc.
  • TEXTURE & AIRY POWDERY FLORAL FRAGRANCE : The translucent cream-water formula with a milky color penetrates the hair instantly. A drifting scent of freesia is followed by a richer floral note, conveying a nourishing, soft and feminine sensation

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