Amos Professional


  • SOFT AND SHINY HAIR: This oil gives a layering care to your hair, 3 effects in one product: Moisture, nutrition and gloss & long-lasting fragrance
  • HAIR OIL TREND. Softness (for silky smooth hair), fragrance (this is the most important property for hair oil), shiny finish (a shiny finish is important to make your hair look good), no residue (preference for products that are non-sticky and anti-residue)
  • HAIR MOISTURE, NUTRITION AND PROTECTION: This special formula mixes 8 oils in a harmonious way for a fresh non-sticky finish. The most hair-care-efficient types of oil were selected (8 out of 120) to give moisture (Safflower seed oil + Almond oil), nutrition (Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil + Argan Oil Sweet almond oil) and protection (Damask rose flower oil + Meadowfoam seed oil + Abyssinian seed oil) to your hair
  • PERFUME STORY: The scent of floral satin has a keen sense and delicate creativity. It was co-directed by Amore Pacific perfumers. The perfect harmony of Rose, Jasmine, and Tuberose, which are three main notes in the most fascinating perfumes in Grasse, the center of French perfume manufacturing, embodies the dignity and fragrance of luxury premium perfumes. Not a strong artificial scent, but a subtle, natural scent. This scent will add to your natural charm

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