Amos Professional


  • A CLEAN SCALP IS IMPORTANT FOR HEALTHY HAIR GROWTH! Pure Smart Shampoo [Moist] is a professional-Quality silicone-oil free shampoo with a moist and creamy feeling. Recommended for men and women worried about dry scalp and dryness-induced dandruff and customers seeking a squeaky clean and refreshing finish
  • DANDRUFF CONTROL AND FINE DUST REMOVAL to keep the hair and scalp clean and healthy. Contains Pure Micella, a smart technology that protects the scalp and removes the effects of harmful environments, such as dandruff, dead skin, sebum and dirt, with micellar foam containing a naturally derived surfactant to provide a clean scalp condition
  • SCALP PURIFYING COMPLEX: The formula contains Climbazole (dandruff care), Sodium Salicylate (sebum care), Ginger Extract (scalp soothing), pine needle extract (sebum care) and Eucalyptus (Fresh Scent), and it adjusts the oil-moisture balance to provide the scalp with a healthy environment
  • REFRESHED SCALP ALL DAY LONG thanks to its deodorization effect by removing sebum and waste matter from the scalp, while forming a protective moisture barrier to relieve the scalp from breakouts. To boost moisture in your scalp and hair even more, use the Pure Smart Pack instead of hair conditioner

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