amos professional

About Us

amos professional is a hair professional brand that completes its own confident and unique fashion style.
amos professional delivers creative inspiration to all
who pursues fashion. Using selected ingredients and effective technology, the brand proposes sincere hair solution and achieves beauty through professional touch based on a deep understanding of customers.

Each letter of the amos professional logo symbolizes styling toolsused by hairdressers: a - scissors, m – brush, o –product, s – hair curler. It’s a strong message that communicates the brand’s will to becomea professional house that inspires changes in people’s fashion style with a professional touch, under the design concept ‘Fashion Inspired’.

Based on vigorous research dedicated to the hair and scalp at Amorepacific R&D, we develop products with exceptional benefits and invest our best efforts for the healthy beauty of the hair and scalp.

amos professional is maintaining efforts to develop training programs ‘by professionals, for professionals’, and endeavoring to become a professional brand that steps side by side with hairdressers through its differentiated and superior education service.