Amos Professional


  • SMOOTHER & TANGLE FREE CARE FOR ROUGH HAIR fluid and nourishing texture push cuticles back gently that helps hair texture in healthy and glossy
  • HAIR FIRMNESS IMPROVEMENT WITH CMC COMPLEX FORMULA: CMC stands for Cell Membrane Complex. This special formula maintains the internal bonding power and elasticity repairing the damage and fortifying your hair
  • PROTECT HAIR FROM HEAT DAMAGE with adhesive oil balm formulation. Get smooth, shiny and silky hair
  • TRUE REPAIR hair care products provide a much-needed intensive nourishing treatment for hair of all types making hair soft and silky-smooth like after visiting the hair-dresser in a salon
Before going to bed, after combing lightly towel-dried or dry hair, pumping night cream 1-2 times and applying evenly focusing on damaged hair. After applying go to bed without rinsing off

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